All The Creature Were Stirring Review

March 19, 2020 by No Comments

Celebrating Christmas is usually synonymous with warm family drama films that touch the heart. For anti-mainstream fans, many Christmas-themed films with horror packaging can be watched. “All The Creature Were Stirring” can be an exciting Christmas-themed watch with an unusual concept.

This horror film with the concept of anthology consists of several short stories in one 80-minute film. Directed by a husband and wife, David Ian and Rebekah McKendry, “All the Creature Were Stirring” has elements of Christmas, horror, and black comedy that is quite absurd and quirky.

Tells the story of a pair of men and women who suffered the unfortunate fate on Christmas Eve and decided to date even with the awkwardness between the two. They decide to watch a mysterious stage show in a quiet little theater. The show was performed with costumes and improvised property, and acting was very poor. Fortunately, we as viewers do not need to see the boring drama, each story will be delivered with a more dynamic style and a variety of different characters in each story.

Every actor in “All the Creature Were Stirring” can be said to have no brilliant acting. Some feel forced and flat, but this indirectly gives a character to this work. Either the acting style is indeed the concept of the film or indeed all the actors have ordinary acting skills. Although it consists of several different stories, each player’s acting in “All The Creature Were Stirring” becomes one of the statements that make each story has its own characteristics. Acting that is presented is not too bad and not too brilliant, but enough to execute the film and will not destroy the film as a whole.

Our feelings will be played by this horror film; we will feel that the film is not clear, then feel shudder, laugh, then fear returns to the end of the film. There are interesting surprises that await us at the end of the film and make us not forget the “boredom” and validity and which we have witnessed for 80 minutes.

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